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How To Choose The Best In Shop Signs

What’s In a Sign?

Your shop front sign is the icing on the cake of your Gold Coast business. It goes hand in hand with who you are, what you do and who you want to attract. Most essentially, it is the part of you that is first visible to your customers. It is the attracting mechanism; the hypothetical hand that picks up your customers and scoops them into the premises. Hence, choosing the best sign for your Gold Coast shop is an absolutely vital part of ensuring business success. Here are some handy tips to help you optimise your shop signage.

Be Bold

These days, when it comes to signs, you can have them made to your most creative requirements. Make the most of your brain, the brains of creative professionals and a brilliant sign agency when deciding what shape and material you’d like it to be. Don’t feel that you have to choose a typical, plain and simple rectangular banner sign to fit in with other shops and “look professional”. Always consider how you can do something different and stand out more than your competitions. After all, it’s difference that attracts. Your Gold Coast sign is firmly placing you on the business map – take advantage.

Be Appealing

If you already know or when you have settled on your brand vision, you should also have an idea of the colours, text styles and logo ideas you’ll need to display on your sign. Yet, before going any further, do ensure that you are coming across to the right customers how you want to. Sometimes you may have to modify the branding designs that you have for a sign. For example, if your colour scheme is brown, this is unlikely to be an appealing colour on a sign. You need to know your market and what colours will attract them as well as ensuring that your Gold Coast sign will catch the attention of drivers or passers by. Don’t blend in, stand out.

Consider Your Branding

Once you have chosen a sign shape and layout, don’t go anywhere near the design before you have a clear idea of your branding. If you already have a brand set up, it can be quite easy to transfer this design onto your sign but if you have not, you’ll need to put a lot more thought into it. Know who you are, what you do and who you want to sell to and make all of this clear on your sign. Your name and possibly, your logo is all you need but the way this is laid out and displayed is essential. Create a brand personality that reflects you, apply this to your sign and ensure that this corresponds with your future marketing material.

Go Illuminated?

Depending on your budget and how much of it you can dedicate to this area, getting your Gold Coast sign illuminated is always a great idea. An illuminated sign allows you to stand out even more than those around you and awards you the added bonus of brand and business visibility during the night. If your sign is lit up, your business branding is always awake and always evident to potential customers.

Your Gold Coast shop sign is your opportunity to advertise who you are right from the outside. Remember, choose bold, stylish, appealing and illuminated and get it professionally executed. Get all of this right and you can’t go wrong!

Gold Coast Signs understand that your signage could be your only point of contact with a potential customer. They offer an all-round design and execution service to help you create a shop sign that will put you on the business map and pull-in the right trade. Take a look at what Gold Coast Signs can do to get you the best shop signs.