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cross media marketingCross-media marketing needs print as its first point of contact

Despite the fancy technological ways to woo consumers that online and mobile marketing provide, firms often find that good old print offers a cost-effective and reliable way of breaking the ice with new customers.

Cross-media marketing, integrated marketing… Call it what you will, it’s an increasingly common feature of everyday life. Brands large and small are coming up with all sorts of clever ways to use the new tools for customer engagement and sales generation and the good news for print is that, despite all the hype about mobile and social media, print still has a part to play when it comes to creating successful, cross-media campaigns.

it’s increasingly clear that despite the blizzard of marketing messages, print’s ability to stand out, whether through size, shape or tactile effects, means it can hold its place as a powerful driver of customer interactions and effectively generate sales leads and in turn increase your profits.

Design your way out of the recession

“You have to spend money to make money” may not be something you particularly want to hear in what has been named as the worst recession since the 1950s but design alone can be enough to secure your position in the marketplace, drive your business forward and kick start the end of the recession for your business.

A Design Council report has been published which shows how design can make the difference between success or failure for your business in what are clearly trying times. The stats make for interesting reading, with “over half (54%) of the firms surveyed thinking design would contribute to a large or great extent in helping maintain their competitive edge in the current economic climate.” Similarly, “53% thought that design had become more important in helping the firm to achieve its business objectives over the last three years.”

How does this work in the real world? How can you realistically expect design to make the difference? How is spending money on design going to effect the way you do business? Allow us to explain;

First of all, apologies for this, but we’re going to be blunt and get down to the basics here. If you have badly designed stationery, that you print yourself using photocopier paper on your inkjet printer or use an online self design budget printing company then chances are you are going to look unprofessional in the marketplace. Bad design is every bit as damaging to your business as good design can be beneficial. This applies to everything from your business cards (the first ‘design’ impression you are likely make with a potential client) and your letterhead and comp slips, right through to your marketing materials and advertising. Just a simple aspect like this can make such a massive difference to the way your business is perceived and can certainly be the difference between making a sale, winning a contract, receiving an enquiry or just being passed by.

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