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pull up roller bannersOver the years we have received lots of Artwork for Roller Banners, some good some bad and some very creative. Here’s our do’s and don’ts for you to get the most out of your Roller Banner.

DO     Make your message clear

Good Artwork has a simple and easy to interpret message

omit useless information – space is precious so use it wisely

Photos/Images can have a big impact so use them where possible

Limit Text – People can be put off by lots of wording to read

Try and stick to a One or Two column layout for the Banner

DON’T      Try and avoid cheesy messages or slogans

Avoid putting prices as it may reduce interest in the product

Don’t highlight negatives as customers prefer the positives

Don’t include sensitive information that could be used by competitors

Avoid using slang words, poor punctuation and bad spelling